Teeth Whitening Gold Coast

teeth whitening Gold CoastYou can keep your teeth bright, white and healthy by brushing and flossing. But with different lifestyle factors such as smoking, consuming certain foods etc. it is highly likely that your teeth may lose their sparkling lustre over time.

  • Food and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, coloured foods induce change of tooth colour
  • Tobacco use can create stains on the tooth
  • Certain type of medication can induce change of colour or stain the tooth
  • Aging leads to the enamel getting thinner and this leads to change of colour
  • Any trauma to the mouth area can lead to change of colour of the tooth.

But this is an easy thing to fix. Just come over to Coomera Dental Centre for a quick, convenient, and safe way to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and cost-effective cosmetic dental treatments. This simple process breaks the stains and makes the teeth whiter.

Two Options for Teeth Whitening

We have two options for teeth whitening available at our centre on the Gold Coast.

  • In-chair whitening
  • Take-home whitening kits

The type of whitening required is decided after a comprehensive dental examination by our experienced dentists. Before the procedure, a thorough cleaning is also done to remove any surface stains for maximum efficacy.

In-chair teeth whitening

  • The whitening procedure begins with the dentist applying a protective gel around your gums to protect the soft tissues
  • Gel is applied every 15 minutes, washed and re-applied till the desired colour is obtained
  • The procedure takes only one around an hour and half

With in-chair whitening, a white smile can be achieved with just one session. So when you want a quick whitening, this could be an ideal option for you.

To learn more about our in-chair treatment with Philips Zoom, read our article Zoom Professional In-Chair Teeth Whitening.

Take home teeth whitening kits

  • Impressions of the teeth are taken and they are used to make custom mouth trays
  • Once the tray is ready, you will be given instructions on how to use it
  • The trays will need to be worn for around 2-4 hours a day for around 7-10 days

You can discuss with our Gold Coast dentists any questions you might have on both the options. Call today and our team will be glad to guide you through the procedure.

What we think about Teeth Whitening Strips

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