Children’s Dentist Coomera

childrens dentist coomeraWhile some adults may look back on unpleasant experiences at the dentist from their childhood, the reality is a lot has changed.  With new technology and procedures, there’s now every reason for children to look forward to coming to the dentist.  At Coomera Dental Centre, we go the extra mile to make your visits pleasant.

We aim to provide exceptional dentistry at an affordable cost to everyone. We look after our patients as if they were our own family.

Our team of trained experts make sure that each child receives gentle and loving care. Your child will feel secure and comfortable about the dental procedure.

We understand that excellent oral health is important to a child’s development and we aim to create a partnership with you and your young ones in this journey.

Why is oral health so important for children?

We recommend that children start to visit the dentist from the age of 2 for their regular check-ups, unless you have any concerns prior to this. Routine visits every 6 months ensure your child’s teeth are developing as expected, and an early introduction aids in preventing a fear of the dentist. We also find by attending for regular examinations, any treatment that may be required is picked up quickly. This results in a less extensive and less expensive visit to the dentist.

We would also like to give you some pointers that would be helpful when you are planning a dental exam with us. You can plan a visit to our centre at a time when your child is well-rested and is likely to be co-operative. Listen to your child about his/her fears and give positive messages about going to the dentist.

We are very mindful of the fears some children face, so we have child-friendly offices and equipment specially designed for children.

Services provided for children

For infants

Our team check on eating and drinking habits and evaluate the risk of tooth decay.

Any stains or deposits on your child’s teeth are gently removed. We also demonstrate proper cleaning techniques that you can adopt to help your child’s teeth stay clean.

We look for sores or bumps on your child’s tongue, inside the cheeks, and on the roof of the mouth. We recommend appropriate treatment as required.

We also evaluate the impact of habits such as pacifier use and thumb sucking.

For older children

We may recommend pre-orthodontic treatment such as a special mouthpiece or braces, to straighten your child’s teeth.

We counsel older children on habits such as drinking sugary drinks, nail-biting, thumb-sucking etc. can adversely impact oral health.

Medicare CDBS for Children

We provide bulk-billing dental treatment for children. This is covered by the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule for eligible children between 2 – 17 years of age. To find out whether your child is eligible or for more information, please contact us.