Managing Dental Anxiety with Valium

In this age of anxiety, pain control has become an important aspect of dental care. It is now becoming more common for dentists to provide a type of in-office sedation for routine dental procedures. A segment of the population that would otherwise not seek care because of fear or anxiety is now receiving treatment. The use of prescribed medication for dental care has become a topic of intense interest and can be extremely helpful in getting through your treatment, especially if your treatment is extensive or you have more than one appointment.
At Coomera Dental Centre we do not administer general anesthetic otherwise known as ‘going under’ however we can administer a prescribed drug called diazepam or more commonly known as valium. This induces anxiolysis. The definition of anxiolysis is simply, “a reduction in anxiety.” More precisely stated, “…a drug-induced state in which patients respond appropriately to verbal commands. Although cognitive function and coordination may be impaired, ventilatory and cardiovascular functions are unaffected.”
Using an anxiolysis drug is the lightest form of sedation and works by the dentist administering one single dose to the patient and the patient taking this one hour prior to their appointment. Even though this is the lightest form of sedation it is crucial that the patient not drive. The patient needs to be driven in by someone they elect and taken home by them after the appointment. It is also important to note that operating heavy machinery or working in general is advised against.
Valium has an effect on the brain of relaxation and sleepiness. It affects everyone differently and after having it you should be at home for the rest of the day to sleep, rest and recover. If you are someone who does suffer anxiety when coming to the dentist, this could be the option for you. Please speak with our team at Coomera Dental Centre for any further information.