Creating Good Dental Habits for Your Teen

Teenagers have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, from school, homework, extra-curricular activities to maintaining a social life. Sometimes it is easy for them to forget to take care of their own personal hygiene, that’s why it is important for parents to help them form good hygiene habits to set them up for life. Oral hygiene is a very important aspect of personal hygiene and is often the one that is most forgotten. Here are a few tips to help with managing your teen’s oral health:

Discuss consequences
Most teenagers most likely don’t fully understand the consequences of poor oral hygiene and how it affects their teeth and health in general. That’s why it is a good idea to have a discussion with them about what happens when you’re not taking care of your teeth properly, and even how it can affect their appearance.

Eliminate excuses
Don’t let running out of time or lack of supplies be an excuse. Do what you can to teach your child good time management skills so they will not run out of time before school to brush their teeth. Also, be sure to keep the bathroom stocked with toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss so they can have easy access to everything they need.

Lead by example
Perhaps the easiest way to help encourage your teenager to have good oral hygiene-showing them how it’s done. It is important to practice what you preach; brushing and flossing twice a day and make sure they see you doing it. Make good oral health habits a routine in your house so they can learn how to do it themselves. See your dentist regularly as a family.

Healthy Diet
As a teenager, earning their own money and experiencing newfound freedom it is easy for them to fall into unhealthy eating habits as well. This includes fizzy drinks and sugary foods which can harm their teeth. It’s a good idea to teach them to eat this food in moderation and encouraging them to opt for healthier options such as water, fruits and veggies and sugar-free options. It can be hard, but keeping the pantry and fridge stocked is a good way to help.

Regular dental check-ups
Going to the dentist twice a year should be a habit for life. Take your child to the dentist regularly, so when they move out on their own they are already used to six monthly dental checks. Prevention is always better than cure and regular check-ups are a major part of prevention. Contact our team at Coomera Dental Centre today to book your dental check-up appointment.