Is too much sugar rotting our teeth?

It’s no secret that we are consuming sugars at a higher rate than ever before. Accessibility, price and addiction to it all play a part in the reasoning behind an increased consumption rate.

From soft-drinks and alcohol, to cakes and pastries, there is an abundance of sugary treats right at our finger tips ready for consumption.

These foods are “feel-good’ and give us an instant boost in energy and serotonin, which is also what makes them so addictive. Because of the addiction aspect to sugary foods, its best to not go cold turkey in cutting them out, try looking into other options with higher success rates.

A few methods of reducing sugar intake include;

*Opting for an alternative lower in sugar, i.e. Coke no sugar rather than full sugar coke

*Dried or fresh fruit to curb sugar cravings rather than chocolate or lollies

*Try reducing the portions of sugar you’re consuming at a time

*To help prevent tooth decay, eat your sugary treat all at once rather than snacking on it over time-this reduces the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the sugar.


Sugar consumed in excess levels is a huge contributor in the role of tooth decay. Diseases that affect the whole body health have many common risk factors with oral diseases, according to the Australian Dental Association. These risk factors include diets high in sugar and low in proper nutritional value, excess consumption of alcohol and the use of tobacco products. Many oral conditions are largely preventable, such as gum diseases, oral cancers and tooth decay.


If you are worried about your sugar intake, and the affects it could be having on your teeth, maybe it’s time to book in an appointment with our friendly team to have a comprehensive oral examination. By booking in an appointment with one of our dentists at Coomera Dental Centre, we can take x-rays, give your teeth a good scale and clean, a fluoride treatment and, if needed, sort out a treatment plan to get your oral health back into perfect working order. We can also have a chat about how to prevent decay, and maintain good oral health. Call us today to book a time 5580 4811