Caring for your baby’s teeth

Many parents often ask when to start brushing their children’s teeth and how to care for their oral health. New parents often have a lot of questions surrounding this and we are here to help.
Although baby teeth are temporary, they are very important in assisting your child to talk, eat and maintain space for the adult teeth to come through as they get older. This is why it is imperative that teeth are brushed morning and night from when they first come through. Regular brushing will help to reduce/prevent the occurrence of dental decay, improve gum and overall oral health and also familiarise your child from an early age.

Until the ages of 1-2 years, teeth can be brushed with a soft small head toothbrush using water only. From around 18months old, a children’s toothpaste can be introduced. The aim is to ensure it’s a fun experience for all and children often enjoy brushing their teeth on their own. Parents should always complete the job ensuring teeth and gums have been brushed effectively.
Along with regular brushing, there are other ways you can care for your child’s oral health.
– Flossing between teeth when the child has several teeth next to each other will help to prevent decay forming and improve gum health. Many parents find floss sticks much easier to do this which are available at most supermarkets
– Avoid having your child fall asleep with a bottle of milk as this can expose your child’s teeth to sugar for a long period of time
– Once your baby’s diet includes solid foods, try to provide a balanced diet low in sugar
– Between the ages of 1-2 years, bring your child to the dentist for their first dental visit. During this appointment, we can introduce them to the dentist, create a fun and interactive visit for them and ensure their dental development is tracking as it should be. We can also answer any questions you may have.

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