Dental Implants while Pregnant

First of all Congratulations!! You are having a baby. As for dental implants, during pregnancy it is very important to look after your teeth and gums, pregnant women are more prone to dental problems due to the hormonal change. Tooth decay, bleeding gums and other dental concerns. It is very important to maintain your oral health. Some wisdom advice is to keep a healthy mouth, some women suffer from morning sickness and reflux, which can cause erosion in the teeth. Also causing other concerns. It is important to seek treatment from the dentist. By having regular cleans. Flossing and brushing twice daily. No snacks between meals as this can cause decay.

A common question is, will it be safe while I am pregnant to have an implant for my missing tooth. Yes it is safe, however it is more recommended to wait until your baby is born. That’s because most dentists and obstetricians want to put off elective x-rays or surgical procedures during a patient’s pregnancy just to be on the side of caution. However it can be done, the best time is in the second trimester. The first and third trimester is not recommended to do an implant as it is the most crucial time in the pregnancy. Thinking of an implant to replace that missing tooth, feel more confident when you smile. Fantastic! Replacing missing teeth permanently and aesthetically has been easier using the latest implant technologies. This exciting treatment option is available for patients who would like to regain their full function as implants offer a long-term option for replacing missing or severely damaged teeth.  In the meantime, you can at least begin the consultation phase. Make sure to let the dentist know you are pregnant. The dentist will ensure you are comfortable and discuss the best options to give the best outcome.