Wisdom Teeth

Are your wisdom teeth causing you discomfort? Are you looking for a bit of relief?

No need to be anxious, wisdom teeth extractions can be pain-free and made as comfortable as possible with the right techniques and expertise.


What is a wisdom tooth, and a wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are our third molars, they often come in a little later than all our other teeth. They generally start making their way through the gums in our late teens to early twenties. Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing a bit of trouble as they come through, from infection, to being impacted, growing in the wrong direction, or causing damage to teeth next door as they come through and get stuck. They are also so far back that it makes it very difficult to clean properly, causing decay and toothaches. A wisdom tooth extraction helps to alleviate these symptoms, and is a fairly common and safe procedure.


I’m having wisdom tooth pain, what should I do?


If you’re having wisdom tooth pains, your best option is to book in an appointment with us and expect to have an x-ray taken. We take an x-ray of the area so we can get a better idea of what is going on below the gums and have a closer look in between the teeth, as usually this is where a lot of the troubles with wisdom teeth occur. Taking an x-ray also helps us to properly assess whether or not the tooth needs to be taken out, and if it does whether it is a procedure we can do in clinic or if we would need to refer off to an oral surgeon. The x-ray is a full mouth x-ray so we can have a look at all your wisdom teeth and decide on if we should take the others out before they start giving you trouble aswell.


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