Improving you oral health with CEREC

Misshapen, broken down, worn and decayed teeth do not function well and prove very difficult to keep clean. This means that these teeth can not only ruin your smile but also negatively affect your oral health. When we are unable to clean our teeth and gums properly bacteria and plaque can build up and cause further tooth decay and gum infections. You can improve your oral health with CEREC, one of the most technically advanced tooth restoration methods available today.

Dentists can restore the tooth’s strength, shape and size using restorations called fillings and crowns. Dental restorations reduce the amount of hard to clean areas, making maintaining good oral hygiene easier. Crowns are also proven to help protect the tooth from further decay and damage.

The CEREC system uses a scanner to take images of your teeth and mouth. Once we have the images your dentist can create the crown and send it to the CEREC machine to be milled. Because the CEREC crowns are computer generated, they fit better than traditional crowns. This means less gaps for bacteria build up, reducing the risk of decay or gum disease.

At Coomera Dental Centre we offer same day CEREC crowns so there is no need for multiple visits or an uncomfortable temporary crown while the permanent is being made. Contact us today to find out how you can improve your oral health using CEREC.