Electric vs manual toothbrush

Are electric toothbrushes really better for your teeth? Not necessarily. While there is evidence that brushing with an electric toothbrush can reduce the build-up of plaque and its associated oral health risks compared to a standard toothbrush, not everyone will benefit from switching to an electric toothbrush.
Benefits of an electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes use an oscillating motion that helps to loosen plaque from the surfaces of teeth, in a similar way to the back and forth motion of standard tooth brushing.

An electric toothbrush can make cleaning your teeth easier, because the rotating brush head does most of the work for you. As well as being more convenient, this can make an electric brush especially useful for people with limited dexterity, such as those with arthritis.
Many children will benefit from an electric toothbrush. If they find it hard to use a standard toothbrush, their dentist may recommend trying an electric brush to lower their risk of tooth decay. The rotating head makes it easier for children to clean more efficiently as they don’t have to worry about the back and forward brushing motion.
Electric toothbrushes can also be more appealing to kids as some models included music and pictures of their favourite super hero or princess. Most include timers or have associated apps that encourage kids to brush for the recommended two minutes.
Benefits of a manual toothbrush
Many people prefer the greater control of movement and pressure that manual toothbrushes offer. They may also not like how an electric toothbrush feels or sounds. Manual toothbrushes are much less expensive and if used correctly can be very effective in cleaning your teeth.
A wider choice of toothbrush heads and shapes makes manual toothbrushes the more versatile option. Manual toothbrushes are also more convenient for travel, as they’re smaller, lighter and don’t need charging.
The best type of toothbrush depends on the individual and certain needs. Your dentist would be able to recommend the best option for you.
Whether you prefer manual or electric, most people are suited to a small toothbrush head with soft bristles. Hard bristles should be avoided as they could scratch the tooth surfaces if you brush roughly and damage the gums.
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