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boy with baby teeth

Why It’s Important to Look After Your Teeth When You’re Young

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast dentist, look no further than Coomera Dental Centre. We specialise in dentistry for all ages, including children’s dentistry, with many services available to help you get the best smile you can. Taking care of your teeth ensures a healthy and beautiful smile your entire life. That means you…

dental xray

What are Dental X-rays?

X-rays help medical professionals get more complete information on the internal structure of an organ. It serves as a very important diagnostic tool in all fields of medicine. Dental X-rays are also used in a similar manner. They help the dentists to get clarity on the oral health concerns that can potentially develop into more…

bad breath

Common Reasons for Bad Breath

To comprehend how common bad breath problem or halitosis is among people – you need only to glance through the counters in the stores to see the wide variety of mouth refreshing products like mouthwashes, gums, and mints that are on sale. Statistics show one in four people suffer from bad breath. You also need…

All You Need To Know About Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is the irreversible damage to the teeth enamel caused by acid and not by bacteria.  As the erosion is caused by acid, dental erosion is sometimes also called acid erosion. Enamel is the outer covering of the teeth — this part covers the crown of the teeth which is the part that is…

dental tips

10 Basic Dental Care Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Taking care of teeth is very crucial as it acts as an indicator of your general health. Dental health needs to be given importance right from childhood as healthy gums and dental hygiene helps to lay a foundation for dental health through adult life as well. Dental health is the general term used to understand…

What Causes Bad Breath and How to Cure it?

If you have ever experienced having bad breath, you would know that this can be an embarrassing and traumatising experience. It can leave you feeling anxious and self-conscious and can affect how people react to you. There are a number of reasons or possibilities as to what causes bad breath and how to cure it….